Rippld is the place to find top collaborators and build creative teams so you can:

Build the next generation game

Red Point Labs is a social and mobile gaming company leading the way in developing next-generation social games. Rippld allows them to build relationships with other top game developers and designers and introduces them to new clients.

Find specific talent

Patrick Thompson Design is an award-winning boutique firm for interior design. They came to Rippld to manage their existing creative network and find other people and teams that specialize in 3D layout animation.

Find your dream team

Independent film and production company First Element Entertainment put together a global team in the U.S. and India to produce its feature film The Art of Power. Rippld helps filmmakers and cinematographers share best practices, build relationships, and producers scale teams and find talent in far-flung locales.

Scale your business

Zoom is an exciting new company focused on helping their clients tell stories using visual content such as infographics, motion graphics, and animation. Zoom is able to scale its business much quicker using Rippld to meet new colleagues and clients.

Collaborate on something fun

Nicky Intalan works as a full-time illustrator and graphic designer for an agency but linked up with a friend and Rippld staff member after being inspired by blogs like The Oatmeal and Hyperbole and a Half to work on an illustrated comic series. The final concept became Llama Stew, possibly coming to a blog near you.

Bringing the creative world together one collaboration at a time

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  • Collaborate

    Partner with talented team members, collaborators, and clients to bring projects to life

  • Find great projects

    Find unique project opportunities from top-notch clients, not crowd-sourced spec work

  • Build your personal brand

    Grow your personal brand by showcasing the work you’ve done

  • Find great talent

    Post your own project or get help from our staff to handpick the best available talent

  • Pay after completion

    Complete your payment only when you’ve found a person or team that meets your requirements

  • Remain secure

    Belong to a secure and confidential system of industry professionals, so share only what you want

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Rippld hopes to make life easier for creatives and allow top-quality creative teams to be built more quickly and effectively. So what’s the next big idea you need help with?

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